Clemmer & Co specializes in managing investor portfolios. Our portfolio includes managing over 180 residential and commercial properties in Kern County, it’s surrounding areas, and the Central Coast.

We are an investors manager, meaning resale value when we purchase, continuous, high quality upkeep of your investment, and making a profit when we sell is always top of mind to our team of licensed real estate agents. In Central California’s competitive rental market, we will set your property apart from the rest. If you're looking for a hands-on agent that has your financial interest in mind, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.



  • Initial inspection, including cosmetic, and rent evaluation

  • Advertising - each property is placed on over 30 websites and social media posts,  professional photography, and custom signage | Vacation Rentals:  professional photography and drone shots. Each rental has its own website, for easy referral and reference, along with advertising on 20 different online platforms.

  • Screening for new tenants - criminal and civil US-wide background checks, comprehensive and detailed credit checks and reports, employment verification Collection of fees, deposits, and monthly rent

  • Accurate trust account service

  • Quick response to tenant complaints, issues, and service calls

  • Management of all repairs for our clients, no matter the size and without any markup fees (all repairs are handled by outside contractors and are done to a high standard)

  • Timely and accurate owner draw checks

"I've been using Clemmer and Company to rent my Condo and they have provided excellent service. I recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager.”

Jeff, Bakersfield, California


“Melinda Clemmer is the best agent in town, she really cares about her clients and will not waste their time looking at properties that will not fit their family. Melinda answers her phone 24/7, and is solution oriented. She networks well with other realtors in the area. Melinda also manages real estate properties and does not allow tenants to take advantage of your property! a real go getter!”

Mary, Bakersfield, California


“I hired Melinda at the end of last year... I think that was the best decision I made in regards to my rental. This lady is on it at all times! Also she is always available when I have questions about my rent. She has not only kept my house rented but she has gone above and beyond my expectations of a leasing agent. I love the fact she deals with it all - I could ask for more that! I will highly recommend Melinda to anyone looking for an agent for rentals, selling, or buying! Did I mention she does it all?!”

Diane, Bakersfield, California


“Hiring Melinda was a life saver with our rentals in Bakersfield. She stepped in to help us when our previous property management company was not doing his job correctly and truthfully. She came into a very difficult situation but quickly took control, told us what needed to be done and took care of everything. We are finally breathing easy that we have our rental in great hands, and if we don't hear from her, it's actually good news! If I could clone her, I would, so she can manage our other rentals in Los Angeles. Melinda is very knowledgeable, had the right people to maintain the properties and get any work done the best way possible. I would totally recommend her to anyone who is looking for property management company.”

Lupe, Los Angeles, California