Investment Portfolio Management

Why Clemmer & Company?

We specialize in investor portfolios.

We are an investors manager, and that means we are always thinking of the resale value when we buy, continuous upkeep of your investment and making a profit when we sell. Every member on our team is a licensed real estate agent, as required by CA state law. We have a proven track record with handling both residential and commercial properties in the Bakersfield and outlying areas. We are quick to handle all repairs for our clients, no matter the size and without any markup fees. All repairs are handled by outside contractors. If you're looking for a hands on agent that has your financial interest in mind, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. 



Our property management services include: 

  • Initial inspection- including cosmetic and rent evaluation

  • Advertising

  • Screening for new tenants

  • Collection of fees, deposits and monthly rent

  • Accurate trust account service

  • Quick response to tenant complaints, issues and service calls

  • Timely and accurate owner draw checks


There is a lot of competition in this highly condensed rental area. We will set your property apart from the rest and make it noticeable. Contact us today for a consultation.You will be very satisfied with the quality of service we offer.